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  • Go for it

    The other person is waiting as much as you are, go build fake balls and act. In this game of trial and error, we only get to try if we have to do anything Go for it

  • Random 2

    I see a lot of thought about understanding self and consciousness and how we are many parts of brain working together. The only unsettling part for me is, then why don’t I naturally get it if I have it. If my phone comes alive someday would it know how it works and will it like […]

  • Random 1

    I wonder often about things i experience daily and I don’t know if I want to. Sometimes it’s naturally overanalysing everything on simple stupid metrics. First, we wander and collect data, whatever we see hear and consume and in that too we don’t get to select which part we’ll recollect. Then we process data to […]


    yeah, you the reader who had nothing to do woth what i am writing but i had to say it. It’s because of you anonymously reader i. have. been thinking so much what to write on own fucking blog. yeah and thats my problem to deal and i am dealing it by doing this I […]

  • Are we accountable for out life?

    Ukraine has war and we live normally. Maybe thats what people did earlier before we grew up do much technological. Its our generation’s first. I am not saying things are supposed to be like this but things are like this. Sometimes I do imagine, if i was in that country would i expect someone to […]