What is Truth?

What is truth?

The one that I am saying right now(out loud) or the one I am Thinking in my brain. I can say for sure that both don’t always match.

But why does it matter if you really think?

You and me are going to die anyways, yeah?

But then if we pretend in real world,

realness is nakedness, accepting what it is.
i guess

why does it matter

i could have spent more time and write better, but I just thought that, I wont ever wrote anything here that comes second to what my speech says. because i guess i have spent far too much time in my head thinking and analysing the situation and for what really?

Reaching A to B in life? Human System is just another system to crack. I guess its not that difficult if one tries? I dont know, I dont want to try? I am far too lazy to do anything because I am done with the reward system of my body. Its like I overcame it and had the grip bug had to loose it just because I had to survive in the society. And that too just to have fun.

I just want to look at this at some point and think, how real i was at this moment.

I read a great line that said – We live in our heads.

I mean, if you think, its really scary. The – ‘me’ who is saying this has also some constraints, maybe to influence your thought or just make myself clear?

My problem is that we have to put a certain task to start thinking and reaching from A to B

So who decides where we have to go?

Again the voices inside head that we call us.

I really dont buy it. Maybe I am, we are trapped inside our head but without it we also don’t have a significance.

I guess consciousness is a threshold of data and memories starting to justify its existence?

But so much complexity for what?

i mean, why does it matter?


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