Are we accountable for out life?

Ukraine has war and we live normally. Maybe thats what people did earlier before we grew up do much technological. Its our generation’s first.

I am not saying things are supposed to be like this but things are like this. Sometimes I do imagine, if i was in that country would i expect someone to help me and how would i feel that others live normally.

People are selfish at some point and they have to be because who would take care of them if not themselves.

But at the same time, we don’t even think about ourselves all the time, we do our dark parts that no one gets to know.

It only matters if you live your life like you are accountable to someone, like your family, god or yourselves.

Are we accountable for our life?

There is a moment in everyone’s life at least one time when they realise what’s happening to them in present and what do they after that directs things in different directions.

What do you think?

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